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Beyonce is delivering another surprise song.  The star makes a guest appearance on the new mixtape from singer and producer Boots.  Her voice turns up on the second half of a song called "Dreams." 

"Dreams" is the last track on Boots' mixtape, released on Tuesday.  He played role in the production of Beyonce's December surprise album, co-writing and producing six tracks.  It was his first collaboration with a major artist, with songs like "Jealous" and "Heaven" putting him on the map. 

In a Facebook post, Boots lets fans know that "every cent" of the proceeds from his new song with Beyonce will be donated to a nonprofit called "Day One," which helps victims of teen dating violence. 

Boots' mixtape, titled WinterSpringSummerFall, also features a duet with Sia Furler. 

Check out "Dreams" featuring Beyonce below!

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