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Madonna and Katy Perry take turns playing dominatrixes in a bondage-themed spread for V Magazine, shot by Steven Klein.


On Monday, the pop stars took to Instagram to post their individual photos.

Madonna captioned her picture, ”V magazine got me like…..,……… Kneel down for what??????? @vmagazine This week. #artforfreedom #unapologeticbitch.”

“Mmmmm my baby’s got a secret… @vmagazine,” Perry wrote about her cover co-star.

V Magazine officially announced the pairing on their website after having fans guess who were teaming up to grace the cover of the Memorial Day issue.

“Told you you’d never guess!! @madonna @katyperry #StevenKlein #V89 #major #summer #cover,” the magazine posted to their Instagram account on Monday.

Check out the photos below!