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Without lighting, we'd literally be living in the dark for half the time.  But it's 2018 now and lighting has come a long way. 

Dean took us into the Wonderful World of LED Lighting today in today's Handel & The House Whisperer segment.

We're talking:

  • LED 'flame simulating bulbs'
  • LED Edison bulbs
  • Fiber optic star ceilings
  • LED tape strips for under cabinet lighting
  • LED stair lighting

Listen to the segment. 

Check out the flame simulating bulbs, pretty cool, huh? 

This morning’s segment of Handel and the House Whisperer —The wonderful world of LED lighting. 9:30-10am @kfiam640 @billhandelshow @iheartradio #led #ledlights Some new and some improved options for creatively and beautifully lighting your space while saving money. 1. LED Edison bulbs 2. LED Flame simulating bulbs 3. Fiber optic star ceiling 4. LED tape strips (I use these strips for under cabinet lighting) 5. LED stair lighting

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